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Compassionate Probate And Trust Administration Services

Enduring the death of a loved one is difficult enough on its own. When you are tasked with being the personal representative of that person’s estate, however, you now must deal with a legal process called probate with which you may have little experience.

Each probate process is unique. Factors which may affect a probate includes the types of assets owned by the decedent, whether there is a will, creditors, taxes and family dynamics. Minnesota law contains specific timelines and procedures to ensure the proper payment of bills and distribution of assets.

If you avoid probate by using a trust, the trustee may need advice in managing and administering the trust.

Trust In The Experience Of Our Legal Team

Our experienced probate and trust attorneys are able to anticipate the issues that might arise during the process, including the possibility of a will contest or other estate dispute. The successful completion of the probate process is different for every client and family.

We customize our probate and trust administration advice to each client and provide specific guidance based on the unique circumstances of each client.

You can rely on us to help you get through this difficult time.

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