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Legal Services For Real Estate Matters

In many ways, real estate development is an important aspect to the overall business climate in Minnesota. When properties are being developed, built, sold and leased, the benefits extend far beyond those who are directly involved. Real estate law can be challenging, but it is also exciting as projects evolve from the drawing board to a finished product.

At Gries Lenhardt Allen, P.L.L.P., our real estate law attorneys put decades of experience to work for clients who may be business owners, land developers, builders, buyers, sellers, property managers and tenants. We have handled legal matters for a variety of projects throughout Minnesota, ranging from shopping centers to industrial sites to planned communities and their homeowners’ associations (HOAs).

Trust In Our Experience And Knowledge

If your project hits a snag, the effects can be deeply felt. A dispute or misunderstanding with a government agency or financial institution has the potential to bring a project to its knees. It is our goal to prevent those snags from happening in the first place through careful planning and research.

We also work with homeowners’ associations, whether it’s to get a new project off the ground or to help manage an organization that has been around for many years. We can assist with everything from the platting process all the way through to the collection of delinquent dues and providing representation to HOA boards of directors.

In addition, our attorneys are experienced with a wide range of commercial and residential real estate matters, such as:

  • Land disputes, such as questions regarding boundary lines and quiet title actions
  • Property easements
  • Special use permits and variance requests
  • Terms of long-term and short-term leases

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