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A Law Firm With Extensive Construction Law Experience

Due to the nature of the issues that may come up in the course of building and renovation, the construction industry has many unique aspects when it comes to the law. At Gries Lenhardt Allen, P.L.L.P., our construction law attorneys have significant experience representing all of the participants in the construction process, including owners, general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.

When disputes arise, including claims involving construction defects, delays, changes, liens or contract disputes, we are well-positioned to assist our clients.

Are You Involved With A Construction Law Matter?

Our construction law attorneys are prepared to handle all facets of Minnesota construction law cases, including litigation, arbitration, bond claims, and contract drafting and review. We also handle mechanics’ liens, in which a claim is made against a property where work has been done, or materials have been supplied, to preserve the rights of those who have not been paid for their goods and/or services.

In the construction trade, being able to rely on a trusted legal advisor can allow owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and others to focus on their role in this construction project without being distracted by legal issues.

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