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DWI in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Criminal Law

Being charged with a DWI can be a terrifying experience. Not only are you faced with the possibility of losing your license, jail time, and the nightmare of navigating the legal process, you must balance all of these worries with the logistical concerns of your employment and your personal life.

Too frequently, unrepresented people blindly enter guilty pleas with the State without fully understanding their rights. Enhancement provisions can dramatically increase your fines, your license suspension, and possibly even your punishment. A prosecutor doesn’t necessarily have your best interests in mind, and more-often-than-not, they are simply looking for a quick conviction. An experienced attorney can help you understand what is being asked of you and will hold law enforcement to a higher standard to ensure that you aren’t being rushed into a guilty plea.

When addressing a DWI in Minnesota, there are many questions you can ask the Court that you may not think to ask. These questions can include: Was the stop legal? Was law enforcement allowed to search the vehicle? Was the Implied Consent Advisory read? How long did it take to administer an admissible blood test after the arrest was initiated?

These questions can often be the difference between a conviction, a reduced charge, a dismissal, or an acquittal. However, because the judicial process is complicated, these questions need to be posed in a motion form, conform to the procedural rules, and may require that certain people, such as the officer, be subpoenaed.

You owe it to yourself to protect your rights – an experienced attorney in your corner can help you accomplish that. In my legal career, I have represented hundreds of individuals in Minnesota and North Dakota charged with a crime, and I know how to effectively navigate the prospective pitfalls you’ll be faced with.