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Estate Planning for the High-School Senior

The senior year of high school is an exciting time that usually includes preparation for adult life after graduation. Although estate planning probably does not appear on most high school senior's to-do lists since they are young and healthy, executing a Health Care Directive and a financial Power of Attorney should be included on the to-do list after the student's eighteenth birthday.

Estate planning should be part of your marriage preparations

For too many Americans, estate planning is put off for years, even decades, longer than it should be. As soon as you have assets or dependents, you need to be thinking about providing for them in the event of your death. It may feel morbid, but in reality it's one of the best ways to protect the people you love.

Preparing for the initial will consultation

For some people, the thought of drafting a will may be perceived as an overwhelming task because they may consider the process of cataloging all of their assets and allocating them to specific individuals to be an endless undertaking. As with many other jobs that can appear to be too large for one person to accomplish, writing a will can be streamlined by developing a strategy for tackling this chore. Rather than focusing on the end product, individuals who have separated the process into smaller components find success in completing one step and moving onto another. Rather than being haphazard and rushed, this deliberate process can create a detailed document that suits your needs and promotes peace of mind in your beneficiaries.

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