Attorneys With You
Every Step Of The Way

At Gries Lenhardt Allen, P.L.L.P., we work closely with you to make sure
your legal needs are being met.

Our legal team at Gries Lenhardt Allen, P.L.L.P., is committed to the success of our clients. Everyone’s definition of success is different, and we make sure that we know what that means for all of the people who come to us for legal representation. Our attorneys focus on their strengths and areas of experience to make sure that every client, whether an individual or a business, is getting the attention and results that they expect.

Our attorneys combine for over a century of legal experience in Minnesota in areas such as corporate and business law, estate planning, elder law, and commercial construction litigation. While we offer the one-on-one attention and the friendly atmosphere you’d expect from a small-town firm, our lawyers are well-positioned to take on even the most complex cases for people and businesses in the Twin Cities area.

We believe in building relationships with our clients, whether they are individuals or businesses. Our strengths as a law firm allow us to help our clients in the way that is the most beneficial to them. There is no single solution that works for everyone, so by getting to know our clients and their goals, we can devise a strategy that makes the most sense for a given situation. Our business law attorneys make it a priority to communicate with our clients throughout the process, so that they always know where they stand and what they can expect.